Hiya! My weekend was not nearly as productive as my head thought it would be. Whoops! The good news is that the living room/small bedroom work is realllllly starting to wrap up. Today I walked in to my house after work and let me tell you. IT. was. amazing. I just about peed my pants. Sorry… graphic thought. Hopefully I will be able to show you all the before and after by this weeks end 🙂

One thing I totally had covered this weekend, however, was being on my laptop. Yay for working hard! In the midst of all my pinning and online browsing, I found my new favorite blog – How Sweet It Is is a treasure trove of delicious recipes (yes… I have already made three). Jessica really has a knack for making something tasty, and her recipes are so easy and straightforward, it’s ridiculous. Not to mention her food photography – swoon! Tonight I am making her thai beef tacos and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.

source: How Sweet It Is

Happy Tuesday!


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